English Language Teaching Journal 2022-10-03T17:06:56+08:00 Muyassaroh Open Journal Systems A LEXICAL COHESION ANALYSIS ON OSCAR WILDE’S SHORT STORY THE SELFISH GIANT 2022-03-27T13:51:14+08:00 Raudhatul Islam <p>This article aims to discuss what lexical cohesive devices are applied to a short story The selfish Giant written y Oscar Wilde. Since the data of this article have been collected by reading some books in the library, it is called the library research. Since the data in this article are lexical cohesive devices found in the short story The Selfish Giant, they are called qualitative data. This article uses descriptive method to analyze the data. Through the analysis and the discussion, it is found that there are many lexical items in the short story The Selfish Giant that can be categorized as lexical cohesive devices. The lexical cohesive devices establish the cohesion and coherence in the short story. Repetition plays an important role in making the text coherent and unified. That is why the lexical cohesive device of repetition is frequently used in The Selfish Giant. This repetition creates the relation of meaning in the clauses, so it can build continuity in the text. The continuity that is demonstrated by the repetition shows that there is cohesion in the text. The synonym is the second type of reiteration that is found in The Selfish Giant. The use of the synonym shows two lexical items or more that are similar in meaning. The use of synonym in the text is very helpful to build cohesion because synonym holds the sentences together and gives cohesive effect to the text. The application of lexical cohesive devices makes the text coherent and unified because it links the sentences and helps the readers understand the text. Moreover, the analysis shows that the lexical cohesive device that is most often used to relate sentences in The Selfish Giant is repetition. Therefore, the repetition is claimed as the simplest way of connecting sentences, and of course the repetition plays an important role in making the text coherent and unified.</p> <p>Keywords : Discourse Analysis, Short Story, Lexical Cohesion.</p> 2022-03-29T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 English Language Teaching Journal THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THINK-PAIR-SHARE STRATEGY ON GRAMMAR SKILL OF SIMPLE PAST IN EIGHT GRADER STUDENTS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF RAUDLATUL ULUM GONDANGLEGI 2022-03-28T12:42:41+08:00 Kholilur Rohman Hanif Maulaniam Sholah <p>Effective strategy is very important to conduct by teacher in order to improve performance and quality of teaching and learning process. The investigation of using Think pair share technique to teach simple present tense has been conducted by some researchers. However, This research investigates teaching Simple Past using Think Pair Share Technique in eight grade of Junior High School of Raudlatul Ulum Gondanglegi. The aim is to know whether Think pair Share effects to the students score or not. This research uses a Quantitative Research, especially applies one group Pre-Experimental design. This research consists of pre-test and post-test for one group only. The effectiveness of the instructional treatment is measured by comparing average score of the pretest and the post test. The result found that based on the SPSS computation, the value of t- test is -793. It can be said that the null hypothesis is rejected. Then the significant difference found is 0,435 which means over than 0,05. So, the null hypothesis is rejected. Therefore, there is nothing difference between the students ability on before and after taught using TPS. So, it can be concluded that TPS is not effective yet in eight grader Junior High School students of Raudlatul Ulum Gondanglegi in writing skill especially for teaching Simple Past.</p> <p>Keyword: Strategy; Think-Pair-Share; grammar; simple past</p> 2022-03-28T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 English Language Teaching Journal AN ANALYSIS OF CODE MIXING AND CODE SWITCHING USED BY THE STUDENT OF NURUL HUDA ISLAMIC BOARDING SCHOOL 2022-03-28T21:54:40+08:00 Ninik Indah Purnamasari Norma Ita sholichah <p>This research focuses on code mixing and code switching. This research uses descriptive qualitative, where this research wants to explain the data with real results. The results of this study have two discussions. First, the form of code mixing from Javanese to Indonesian, from Indonesian to Javanese and from Javanese to English. Then, the form of transfer found by the researcher is from Javanese to Indonesian and from Indonesian to Javanese. Second, the factors that cause code mixing are: a). Santri understand the language spoken by the interlocutor but cannot express it, b). happens intentionally or unintentionally, c). because they are used to using code mixing when speaking, d). as a form so that they can talk using code mixing. In addition, the factors that cause code switching are: a). Speaker, b). interlocutor, c). the presence of other people.</p> 2022-03-29T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 English Language Teaching Journal AN ANALYSIS OF CODE SWITCHING AND CODE MIXING IN DEAR LOVE FILM BY DEDY SYAHPUTRA 2022-03-28T22:02:07+08:00 Wulidatul Rohmani Budik Kusworo <p>By communicating we use a language that can be understood by the interlocutor or listener, Therefore, the most fundamental language function is to serve as a medium of communication, socialization, and relationship from one to another, so that a social system or a society might be established. The phenomenon of code switching and code mixing has long intrigued scholars who have researched what triggered the incident. The phenomenon of code switching, and code mixing has become a trend or language style in society, especially among young people. They are very familiar with code switching or mixing in their speech. In addition to young people and even older people, many of them use code-mixing languages and code switching, this is already familiar to us. This phenomenon also appears in the film the researcher studied under the title "Dear Love". In this film, film artists often mix their language in the speech between Indonesian and English. therefore, it becomes an attraction for the author to become the object of research hopefully that it will become something new and useful for readers to learn another language fun and easily. This research is qualitative research with data collection method using documentation, observation, and literature review. As for the analysis, researchers analyzed the dialogue that contain code switching and code mixing. The result of this study indicate there were 34 scenes containing 19 analysis of code switching and 15 is an analysis of code mixing. So it can be concluded that Dear Love film can be one of the film references for the world especially for teenagers it can be used as a reference for learning languages and can improve the quality of the language. So that this film can be a tool to give entertainment and learning for the audience.</p> <p>Keywords : Code Switching, Code Mixing, Dear Love film</p> 2022-03-29T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 English Language Teaching Journal A SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS AT INSTAGRAM FILTER 2022-03-30T20:58:42+08:00 Ifatun Nisak muyassaroh <p><span class="fontstyle0">Semiotics has an expression related to sign as a part of human life. In this study,<br>researcher chose the Ferdinand de Saussure Theory to understand the meaning of the signs.<br></span><span class="fontstyle0">Where, in this study, the researcher examined all the signs that appeared in the Instagram filter<br>starting from the image, sound-imagery, or acoustic imagery, the objects used as signs in this<br>Instagram video filter. </span><span class="fontstyle0">The main aim of this research is to understand the meaning signs<br>conveyed by the creator in the Instagram filter. This research uses a Qualitative research, The<br>researcher analyzed data into 3 stages that are data reduction stage, Interpretation stage, and<br>conclusion stage. The finding shows if the most common or commonly found are signifiers in the<br>concept section, while in the dimensions section they are semantic and pragmatic. It can be said<br>that semiotics can be applied and found in various parts of life show personality in representing<br>their emotions and memories. So, it can be conclude if humans use signs in their daily lives to<br>show what they feel and their emotions towards life, both the social environment and so on. One<br>of which is through this Instagram filter.<br></span><span class="fontstyle2">Keywords: semiotics, visual sign, instagram filter.</span> </p> 2022-03-30T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 English Language Teaching Journal A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF WRITING COMPETENCE BETWEEN EXTROVERT AND INTROVERT STUDENTS AT MTS MIFTAHUL ULUM SUMBERMANJING WETAN MALANG 2022-03-30T21:13:59+08:00 Amirotul Nabila Joko Wibowo <p>The purpose of this research was to find out the significant difference on writing competence between extrovert and introvert students at the second grader of Junior High School Miftahul Ulum Sumbermanjing Wetan Malang. There were 25 students as the samples chosen by using Purposive Sampling. This research used quantitative approach and the type of the research was a causal comparative. In conclusion, there is a significant difference on students writing competence between extrovert and introvert students. The result showed that introvert students better than extrovert students in writing competence. Because the result of this research was in line with the theory stated that introvert is better in writing skill, so the researcher gives suggestions in order to the teachers apply different method, technique or strategy in teaching writing that is suitable for both of them. So, it is not only focus to introvert students who tend to be superior in writing but also to extovert students too</p> <p><em>Keywords:</em> <em>Comparative Study, Extrovert, Introvert, Writing Competence.</em></p> 2022-03-30T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 English Language Teaching Journal