Analisis Semantik dan Penggunaan Afiksasi dalam Terjemahan Lagu Selawat Ai Khodijah

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This study examines the semantics or explicit and implied meanings and the use of affixes contained in Ai Khodijah selawat songs. The method used in this research is a type of qualitative descriptive research, which studies the existing problems, as well as the working procedures that apply. This qualitative descriptive research aims to describe what currently applies. In which there are efforts to describe, record, analyze and interpret the conditions that are currently occurring, in other words from qualitative descriptive research, namely, aiming to obtain information about the existing conditions. Data collection techniques to obtain this data collection technique, the researchers used data mining techniques, namely downloading, listening, taking notes and interviewing about the meaning contained in Ai Khodijah's song Aminuddin's conclusion defines the semantic to signify using the assumption that the meaning becomes part of the language and semantic meaning is part of linguistics in this study the researcher will examine the explicit and implied meanings in the song selawat Atainakum.

Key words: affix; linguistics; meaning; selawat; semantics.


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Mulyati and Hosniyeh (2023) “Analisis Semantik dan Penggunaan Afiksasi dalam Terjemahan Lagu Selawat Ai Khodijah”, JURNAL PUSAKA, 13(01), pp. 1–11. doi: 10.35897/ps.v13i01.998.