MAQASHID <p>Jurnal MAQASHID merupakan jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh program studi Ahwal al-Syakhsiyah Institut Agama Islam Al-Qolam, terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun. Sebagai sarana pengembangan intelektual dosen dan civitas akademik pegiat hukum Islam. Redaksi menerima artikel ilmiah maupun hasil laporan penelitian yang relevan dengan tema dalam jurnal ini, yaitu hukum Islam. Naskah yang dikirim adalah naskah yang sesuai dengan pedoman penulisan artikel jurnal MAQASHID.</p> Fakultas Syariah - IAI Al-Qolam Malang en-US MAQASHID 2613-9758 MENUJU DASAR-DASAR BARU FIKIH ISLAM: <p>Fiqh is a major need in Islam, therefore it must be able to become a problem solver in the problems of the umat, Fiqh must be relative and flexible, so that it can be used by Muslims wherever they live. To be taqlid to previous madhhab scholars is a necessity, but reforms in relevant Islamic thought are eagerly awaited by the people of this modern era, especially in this digital era. So that people can continue to carry out their activities according to the provisions of the Shari'a that have been outlined by the Prophet Muhammad. The most important formulation in the renewal of Islamic law is not to deviate or contradict the provisions of the texts, 2). Provide benefits for the ummah and avoid harm, 3). It really comes from the results of common sense of thinking, which has a general standard of truth, not because of any particular interest that drives it.</p> Bashori Alwi Copyright (c) 2021 Bashori Alwi 2021-11-18 2021-11-18 4 2 1 13 IMPLEMENTASI PERBANKAN SYARIAH DALAM MENGHADAPI PELUANG DAN TANTANGAN MELALUI UU NO 21 TAHUN 2008 SESUAI FATWA AGAMA DAN NEGARA MENUJU SYARIAH YANG PARIPURNA <p>Abstract :<br>This study aims to examine the suitability of the fatwa on Islamic banking products. I use a qualitative approach with data sourced from various related books or journals. The development of Islamic financial institutions (LKS) each year has increased significantly, especially in Islamic banking in Indonesia. Based on the fatwa, banks and related parties in this institution apply principles that are in accordance with sharia, namely for depositing funds and financing business activities, or other activities that are declared in accordance with sharia. In addition, the financing provided has many options in accordance with the wishes of Islamic bank customers. In this context, all financing products in Islamic banking must comply with the rules according to syara'. The DSN-MUI fatwa is a stipulation of regulations or regulations that exist in Islamic Banking in Indonesia.<br>Keywords: Fatwa, Opportunity, Islamic Banking, Regulation, Challenge</p> Minatul Anggreni Iza Hanifuddin Copyright (c) 2021 Minatul Anggreni, Iza Hanifuddin 2021-11-24 2021-11-24 4 2 14 26 BATASAN PENGGUNAAN HIJAB DALAM KONTEKS LITA’?RAF? <p>Chlotingis an identity that attaches to the wearer, because by clothes, humans will have a certain impression, when they see others. A neat and good clothes will certainly give the impression that the person he sees is someone who has good identities. Of course in the case of clothes, Islam provides a rule called syar'iclothes. Where the wearer must cover the genitals (aurat) that has been conveyed by Islam.The use of syar'i clothes in this era has entered the public area, even some b&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; eauty brands in Indonesia have no longer been reluctant to use religious language terms, such as the use of the hijab word in their products, although sometimes its use is not necessarily correct, at least it has given the impression that the Indonesian people have an awareness of the importance of clothes that cover genitals, and lately it is very common to find out that the reason for covering up genitalia must limit to know each other because they have to wear veils (hijab) on their faces. Based on the rule of islam (Syar'i), of course those who wear hijab have their own reasons and their own arguments, but when it comes to dealing with public law, where all citizens must have an identity card which requires photos, of course the identity card requires photos, so it will be difficult for law enforcers and the people serving in the public area to ensure whether the identity card shown is in accordance with the owner, and certainly the communication attitude to know each other will not work well.</p> baihaqi Copyright (c) 2021 baihaqi 2021-11-25 2021-11-25 4 2 28 41 DEMOKRASI DALAM PERSPEKTIF AL-QUR`AN <table width="588"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="410"> <p>The substance of democracy is in line with the principles in the Qur'an, more precisely the Qur'an summarizes the concept of democracy with the keyword shura. The Qur'an views shura as the most important element for human life, both as individuals, members of society and political elites. In the shura system, it is necessary to consider taking sides with one party in the event of a disagreement. The party that must be supported in this case is the majority vote. Because the opinion of two people is closer to the truth than the opinion of one person even though the real truth is still in the hands of Allah SWT.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Ummu Sa’adah Copyright (c) 2021 Ummu Sa’adah 2021-12-27 2021-12-27 4 2 42 49 NALAR HUKUM PRISMATIK DALAM KONTEKS HUKUM NASIONAL <p>Indonesia's rule of law is a combination of the rechtstaat concept and the rule of law. It can be seen from the side of law enforcement that emphasizes the importance of a just law of certainty and the importance of law efficacy. Other criteria state that Indonesian law isa crystallization of the source of pancasila law and the bill 45,combining the good elements of the concept of individualism and communality/collectivism that are accepted by pancasila, where personal rights are part of a feeling of personal ownership in the "just and lawful humanity" contest. And appreciate the cohesion in every joint of society's life reflected in the "union of Indonesia" scheme that soekarno clarified asa state of community on a principle of cooperation. This characteristic of Indonesia is what distinguishes legal systems from other countries. Hence the term pancasila law. When linked with the combining literature between more than one option at best, it is referred to as a prismatic choice and therefore as a prismatic law.</p> Akhmad Rudi Maswanto Ahmad Khoirul Anam Copyright (c) 2021 Akhmad Rudi Maswanto , Ahmad Khoirul Anam 2021-12-29 2021-12-29 4 2 50 64