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Ifatun Nisak


Semiotics has an expression related to sign as a part of human life. In this study,
researcher chose the Ferdinand de Saussure Theory to understand the meaning of the signs.
Where, in this study, the researcher examined all the signs that appeared in the Instagram filter
starting from the image, sound-imagery, or acoustic imagery, the objects used as signs in this
Instagram video filter. The main aim of this research is to understand the meaning signs
conveyed by the creator in the Instagram filter. This research uses a Qualitative research, The
researcher analyzed data into 3 stages that are data reduction stage, Interpretation stage, and
conclusion stage. The finding shows if the most common or commonly found are signifiers in the
concept section, while in the dimensions section they are semantic and pragmatic. It can be said
that semiotics can be applied and found in various parts of life show personality in representing
their emotions and memories. So, it can be conclude if humans use signs in their daily lives to
show what they feel and their emotions towards life, both the social environment and so on. One
of which is through this Instagram filter.
Keywords: semiotics, visual sign, instagram filter.


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Ifatun Nisak, & muyassaroh. (2022). A SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS AT INSTAGRAM FILTER. English Language Teaching Journal, 2(1), 97–110. https://doi.org/10.35897/eltj.v2i1.717