Journal History

Iqtishodia: Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah is a scientific journal that serves as a means of developing intellectual lecturers and academics of Islamic economic activists.
This journal published by the Department of Islamic Economic Law, Institut Agama Islam (IAI) Al-Qolam. This is published since 2016 and regularly publish an article twice a year in March and September. This  journal consist of 5 articles since Vol. 3, No.1 (March 2018), accepting articles in the fields of  Islamic Economics, Islamic business ethics, Islamic business management, sharia accounting, Islamic insurance, Islamic microfinance, zakat, waqf and philanthropy, Islamic marketing management, Islamic finance management, Islamic strategic management, Islamic operation management, Islamic human resource management, Islamic e-business, with the standard of research method for publication. The articles can be written by researchers, academics, practitioners, and observers in the field of Islamic Economics and Banking who are interested to research in the area.