About the Journal

Jurnal Aksi Afirmasi is affirmative action Journal for community engangement with E-ISSN 2775-1937. This Journal contains best-practice of devotional programs for society in various social action in form of community assistance, community training and community empowerment. The purpose of this journal is to publish the result of devotion in form of problem solving, the use of technology and optimalization of potential asset.

The Executor of the social devotion as the contributor of this journal is the lecturers in Institut Agama Islam Al-Qolam as well as the educators or lecturers outside of campus in accordance with the manifestation of Tridharma. In the implementation of devotion action also include society participation and any stakeholder or partner. The action is organized to serve society having the purpose to improve the quality of individual or social life in the community/ subject assistance.

Jurnal Aksi Afirmasi publishes two issues in a year. Every manuscript will be reviewed by at least two-peer-reviewers using blind review method. Jurnal Aksi Afirmasi was published by LP3M Institut Agama Islam Al-Qolam Malang.


Focus & Scope

Jurnal Aksi Afirmasi publishes articles with the focus and scope include:

  1. Empowerment of economic community in the sector of agriculture, fishing, small production as well as factory, tourism, trading and service.
  2. Revitalization of art, culture, and humanities
  3. Development of appropriate technology
  4. Increasing of public education