Call For Paper Ink Journal Vol 6 No 2, Year 2024 September


Call For Paper Ink Journal Vol 6 No 2, Year 2024 September

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to publish your research-based articles in Jurnal Tinta, Journal of the Faculty of Tarbiyah Al-Qolam University Malang, Malang, Indonesia, with ISSN Print: 2657-0416 and ISSN Online: 2656-505X, Vol 6 No 2, Year 2024 March.

The goal of our journal is to promote a principled approach to research on teaching and learning. The journal invites articles in fields such as teaching science, teaching social knowledge, teaching languages, teaching religion, teaching culture and teaching technology.

THE DEADLINE FOR MANUFACTURE SUBMISSION is Agustus, 2024. Manuscripts must be at least 6000 words to be considered for review and follow the Ink Journal Style and Guidelines. To view the Guidelines for Contributors/Writers of the Ink Journal, please click on the Authors Guideline on our online journal website. Please visit our website: Al-Qolam Ink Journal. (as a keyword in a search on Google)

Don't forget to get a research article template by downloading it at the Journal Template

After reading the guidelines and visiting our online Journal, let me ask you to submit your manuscript to the Ink Submission Journal by clicking "Make Submission" on our online site. We will be waiting for your contribution in our journal with pleasure.


Thank You.